My application seems slow. How to improve the speed by using the quality tab?

Quality option lets you control the speed of the application without altering the quality of the video output.

There are 3 major factors that affects the performance of an application. These are
  1. Memory usage (RAM).
  2. Speed of CPU.
  3. Speed of browser.
The application response to various systems differ according to the configuration of the system. In such cases, you can alter the speed of the application by using the quality option.

For example, if your application seems slow, selecting Low quality will minimize the memory usage and increase the speed of the CPU and browser, thereby improving the speed of the application. The lower the quality, the faster the application will perform. On exporting the video, you will get an assured high quality video output. The change in quality will reflect just in the workspace and not in the quality of the video.

You can find quality option in the settings tab located in the right top corner of your screen.


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