How to Recover Animation/work after application get crashed?

Save your work every now and then which is the best way to address this problem. But we all know application crashes for different reasons, hardware failure, sudden power cut, software load, etc.
In Animaker to handle this crash we have a new option called "Auto Recover". It is available in the Menu below Settings tab.
Auto Recover Image 1

You can turn Auto Recover ON or OFF by selecting it and click allow local storage. It usually auto save your last project data in your local for every 20 actions inside the app.

If the application is crashed, you can login to Animaker and open the last edited project(Please don't open other projects it may overwrite the crashed version). It pops up with an option to recover the last version.

Auto Recover Image 1

Note: This auto backup happens only on your computer, you can't recover a project from a different machine. If you are a Firefox user, please update your flash player.


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