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Using Animaker

How do I edit my videos?

Can I use my own assets to create a video?

How to remove Animaker watermark?

Can I simultaneously use target and record option for a particular object?

Can I extend the duration of a particular scene?

How to add camera effects?

Can I add my logo/Image/sound files?

What type of Sound/Bg file formats Animaker supports?

What type of image format does Animaker support?

What is the maximum file size allowed for upload?

Can I upload objects in shockwave format (.swf)?

How to use grouping / Multi Select Objects in workspace?

How to add/Mix sounds(Music) to the animation?

How to delete Voiceover / Sound effects?

How to delete Camera effect from workspace?

How to use Multimove with record function using Charts?

How to add icons to bar charts?

What are Text-Prebuilts ?

What is a single pictorial chart and how to use it?

What is the maximum limit of rows and columns for charts?

How to change the order of the animation of Maps?

How to change one currency to the other ?

How to change the decimals and place values for numbers ?

What is parallel animation in map?

My application seems slow. How to improve the speed by using the quality tab?

How to remove animation for charts?

What does ‘X’ in comparison table stand for?

Why can’t I add columns for multi axes charts?

What is the difference between digital timer and Count down timer?

Why can’t I find Network map, Single map and full tile map for a few maps?

Is it possible to use a character from 2D or Handcraft in Video Infographics?

How to Recover Animation/work after application get crashed?

I am using a laptop, How can I adjust my browser to fit the Animaker app screen size?

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